The Courts

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According to the National Center for State Courts, our judicial system– state and federal, trial and appellate courts – process more than 90 million cases annually.

Given little sentencing flexibility, the courts have sent hundreds of thousands non-violent offenders to prisons. Today, prisoners sentenced for drug offenses constitute the largest group of Federal inmates. Of those convicted, according to US Department of Justice analysis, 36% can be classified as “low level” offenders – no current or prior violence in their records. If left to fend for themselves within overcrowded jails and prisons, low risk offenders and juveniles are likely to become the victims or students of predators and more hardened criminals. For non-violent substance abusers, in particular, researchers have shown that education and treatment are much more effective than arrest and incarceration.

Punishment and security have become the primary focus. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the system is producing rising numbers of:

  • Drug abusers who cycle through the criminal justice system again and again,
  • Batterers who resume their domestic abuse shortly after leaving the courthouse, and
  • Low level offenders who use incarceration as an opportunity to learn from hardened criminals and then graduate to more serious crimes.

In response, a growing number of courts are taking a more interventionist approach in dispensing justice. Today’s courts have been forced to deal with an increasing number of community problems including drug-fueled crime, family dysfunction, repeated petty assaults against property in addition to the issues of jail overcrowding, early release and mandatory lifetime supervision of sex offenders.


ABK Tracking offers a number of monitoring solutions appropriate for pretrial diversion, release pending trial and alternative sentencing including:

  • Active GPS Tracking
  • Home Detention, Curfew Management or GPS Monitoring
  • In-Home / Remote Breath Alcohol Testing with integrated visual verification.